Sold!: Oil & Gas Royalty Interest, Van Zandt County, Texas!

Item Id: Reinas01
Case Name: Reinas, Charles C & Joan A
Case Number: 10 61105
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,500

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Description: Oil & Gas well royalty interest, and all other rights held under property # 0000020457 Operator is Escambia Operating Company of Houston, TX. The legal description is:

Elliot C E Gas U W#1 51069335
Eagle Rock OPE/Fruitvale, East
Payout amounts have averaged $75-100 monthly. Following an accident, the well was closed in 8/10 and is scheduled to reopen in 5/11.

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Liens: There is a total of $18.34 due in past due taxes. 2010 tax rate was $62.37. We do not know of any liens.

Terms: Please review the terms prior to placing a bid or making an offer.

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