Sold: Vacant Land in Valley, Stevens County, Washington!

Item Id: Blough01
Case Name: Blough, Donna G
Case Number: 11 06337
Starting Minimum Bid: $10,000

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Description: Estate’s interest in 60 acres of vacant land in Valley, Washington near Chewelah. The land is located south of Klines Meadow Road near Valley and Chewelah. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. There are is a mobile home on the property with a separate APN#. The APN# is 2101400 for the property and 2101600 for the mobile home. The legal description is ‘Sec/Twn/Rng Mer: Sec 12 Twn 31, Rng 39, E2 E2 NE4 E2 NE4 SE4’ for the land, and W2 E2 NE4; W2 NE4 SE4 Improvements Only’.
2012 property taxes were approximately $293.59 and have been paid. 2011 taxes were $297.99 and have also been paid. The mobile home taxes were $9.82 in 2012 and have been paid. Mobile home 2011 taxes were $9.98 and have also been paid. 2013 taxes and have yet been assessed. he County treasurer’s office and may be slightly higher after 12/12/12.

Location Info: The property is located on the south side of Klines Meadow Roads and is southwest of Chewelah and northwest of Valley. It is approximately 48 miles north of Spokane and the Coeur d’Alene area of Idaho.

Liens: We do not know of any other liens.

*Picture is of general area, not representative of actual property.*

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..

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