Make An Offer: 2 Trademarks Related to Humorous Names for Sandwiches including Pork!

Item Id: PHI Holdings01
Case Name: PHI Holdings LLC
Case Number: 19 31532
Starting Minimum Bid: Make An Offer

Description: Estate’s interest in two (2) trademarks. The trademark consists of the words/names ‘Bao to the Pork’ and ‘Pork & Mindy’s’, a humorous play on the song by George Thorogood (‘Bad to the Bone’) and the early 1980’s TV show starring Robin Williams

The Trademarks are all registered with the USPTO and may be viewed on their website. The trademark registration numbers are:

5,045,239 and 5045239 (for Bao to the Bone)

4,957,096 and both 4954452 and 4957069 (for Pork and Mindy’s)

The trademark consists of the phrases above and were both used to highlight specific sandwiches (pork sandwiches) on public restaurant menus

The trademarks are all registered with the USPTO.

A full description of the Trademark linked below:
USPTO Documents:

Location Info: The USPTO charges a one-time fee of $200 to change registration including the owner of the trademark. The trademarks were registered from the State of Illinois

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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