On Sale 1/1: A Variety of Capodimonte Figurines, Statues and Plaques

Item Id: Fletcher01-07
Case Name: Fletcher, Joseph A & Silvia
Case Number: 18 06713
Starting Minimum Bid: Varies: $25-$100 depending on item; Sold individually

eBay Auctions

01-Capodimonte 3D Plaque Frame Girl Cherry Blossom
02-Capodimonte 3D Plaque Frame Girl Grapes L Cazzola
03-Dear A Belacri Signed Sculpture Lady w/ Crane 1236 C, 1995
04-Dear A Belcari Signed Sculpture 1236 C, 1990
05-Dear M Salvestrini Signed Sculpture Mystical Lady Painting 1088 L, 1992
06-Dear A Belacri Signed Sculpture Lady Archer on Horse 1376 B, 1997
07-Dear M Salvestrini Signed Sculpture Mystical Lady with Harp 1082 L, 1992

Location Info: The art is located in Phoenix, Arizona, US, and will be shipped to the buyer at buyer’s expense

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

Legal Info: y Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court, BKAssets sells this and any other assets “AS IS, WHERE IS”, with no warranties implied or stated. This means that the Seller and the trustee are not responsible for problems (if any) with the merchandise, the condition or normal wear of the item being auctioned, or any liens or encumbrances against the asset. The buyer will be entirely responsible for this merchandise after the sale including but not limited to: paying any fees/costs associated with shipping/handling/insurance if needed, paying all fees/liens (if any), recording/transferring any ownership documents. Seller and trustee are NOT pottery/china dealers or realtors. BKAssets and the trustee shall be under no obligation to buyer except to provide buyer with the asset described. All the information as to the item description has been provided by the debtor and an independent appraisal if required. BKAssets cannot guarantee that all the information is accurate. BKAssets recommends all bidders perform their own due diligence prior to bidding. As with any bankruptcy sale, this sale may be subject to court approval

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