On Sale 1/4: 1/3rd Ownership Land and Residential Home in Cottage Grove, Dane County, Wisconsin!

Item Id: Witkowski01
Case Name: Witkowski, Kevin A & Linda S
Case Number: 18 12858
Starting Minimum Bid: $9,995
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Description: Estate’s interest in 1/3rd ownership of 0.64 acres of property and a residential home in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. The residence/property is located at 1296 Taylor Street, Cottage Grove, WI 53527. The working status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. There are residences in the immediate area. The APN# is: 112/0711-094-9090-5. The legal description is: ‘Part of the Southwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼ of Section 9, Township 7 North, Range 11 East………….Village of Cottage Grove….thence 198 feet to point of beginning’.

The residence contains 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. It was constructed in 1920 and is 1,576 square feet with a 576 square foot baseline, 480 square foot garage, and 228 foot enclosed porch. The residence does currently have a resident/tenant.

The mortgage is PIF. The land and property is appraised at $223,800

2019 taxes are approximately $4,380.89 and have not been paid. The current year taxes are due, but past years taxes are PIF as of 8/31/20.

Location Info: The property is located just south of East Cottage Grove Road and south of I-94. It is adjacent to St Patrick’s Church. The Village of Cottage Grove is approximately 12 miles east of Madison and 15 miles east of the University of Wisconsin

Liens: There is a total due in current year taxes in the amount of $4,380.89 as of 8/31/20. We do not know of any other liens

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