On Sale Soon: Court Approved Settlement in the Amount of $20,000 with Monthly Payments Until Fully Paid!

Item Id: Poulin01
Case Name: Poulin, Marie Y
Case Number: 15 21179
Starting Minimum Bid: $2,895

Description: A Court approved/ordered Settlement agreement between the Estate and Debtor related to pre-bankruptcy transfer of assets as a fraudulent conveyance. The Court ordered this conveyance to be avoided and recovered by the Trustee for the benefit of creditors. This decision was rendered in the State of Connecticut on March 15, 2016.

The Settlement mandated payments totaling $20,000 to be paid monthly at the rate of $333.33 until fully reimbursed. Payments began on February 29, 2016 and have been made routinely since that time.

The outstanding balance to be paid as of 4/1/19 is $7,341.67

Past and current payments from the Note have been made directly to the Bankruptcy Estate. Once the promissory note is sold and after the highest bid amount has been paid by certified funds to BKassets.com, any future payments will be redirected to the new owner of the note. There shall be no claim by the buyer to any prior payments received by the Trustee in any circumstance.

Liens: We are not aware of liens