Make An Offer: Judgement in the Amount of $2,765.72!

Item Id: Cheatham01
Case Name: Cheatham, LaQuita M
Case Number: 16 14186
Starting Minimum Bid: $995

Description: Stipulated judgment against LaQuita Monique Cheatham. Awarded in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor Case # 16 14186-BKM, pending in the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona; dated 5/3/2018. Total amount of $2,765.72 in the judgment which originally directed an additional return of $6,143.67 from a 2016 Federal Tax refund. Total due is now $2,765.72.

The Trustee further obtained a Writ of Wage Garnishment in the same case, which was granted by the Court. Since that time, $3,377.95 was paid via the wage garnishment to the Case. At the time, the debtor/defendant was employed by American Express Travel Related Services firm. The debtor subsequently ceased employment with American Express. The balance to be paid ($2,765) may be pursued via this judgment.

Trustee will provide last known address of the defendants to the winning bidder.

Liens: We are not aware of any liens