On Sale Soon: Life Insurance Policy Settlement Note with Original Total Payments of $750,000 !

Item Id: Hollander01
Case Name: Hollander, Cheryl A
Case Number: 19 61291
Starting Minimum Bid: $7,500

Description: Estate’s 55% interest in a Secured Insurance Policy bearing a maximum payout of $750,000.00. The insurance contract is administered by Voya Financial of Woodland Hills, CA :

One (1) insurance contract note administered by Voya Insurance, Woodland Hills, CA. The contract originated in March 2016 and was established by the debtor related to her then, now former, husband. That party is 74 years of age. That policy was in the amount of $750,000

Following her divorce, the debtor signed an agreement assigning 45% permanent ownership of the policy. The approximate value of that reassigned policy is roughly $337,500

This action, then reduces the approximately value of the insurance policy remaining owned by the debtor at $412,500. It is that portion being offered at auction and does not include the 45% now owned by the legal counsel.

The contract owned by the debtor requires an annual premium of $12,000

Location Info: Voya Financial regional office is located in Woodland Hills,
CA. the national headquarters are in New York City

Liens: We do not know of any other liens

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