On Sale Soon: Note / Interest in Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) in the Principal Amount of $38,843!

Item Id: Dominey01
Case Name: Dominey, Kent D
Case Number: 19 31244
Starting Minimum Bid: TBA

Description: Estate’s interest in a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (estate planning tool that provides income to a named beneficiary during the grantor’s life and then the remainder of the trust to a charitable cause).

One (1) Charitable Remainder Unitrust administered by USBank with 10% quarterly distributions of principal to the debtor. The original CRUT was established 2/25/1997.

As of February 2019, based on the 12/31/2018, the 12% annual unitrust payment for 2019 carries a market value of $10,525.14 to be $1,264.02. The quarterly payment beginning 3/15/2019 will be $315.76

Payment balances through 2038 will be linked once the auction commences.

Location Info: Past and current payments from the Note have been made directly to the Trustee who, in turn, has endorsed payments on to the debtor’s Estate. Once the promissory note is sold, payments will be redirected to the new owner.

Liens: We are not aware of any other liens