Make An Offer: Promissory Note Bearing Variable Interest Rate Per Annum in the Original Principal Amount of $272,335.83 !

Item Id: Furrh01
Case Name: Furrh, Eddie K
Case Number: 17 41138
Starting Minimum Bid: $115,000

Description: Estate’s 100% interest in a Promissory Note bearing a variable interest rate per annum. Interest rate from 5/28/2016 at the rate of prime published by the Wall Street Journal information:

One (1) promissory note with nine (9) annual payments of principal in the annual amount of $30,259.54. Payments are due each and every year by April 30th beginning in 2017.

The 2017 payment was made, on time, plus an interest payment of $9,558.99. The Trustee has also received 2018 payment in the amount of $30,259.54. Next payment deadline is April 30, 2019.

The Promissory Note was signed between the debtor and Basin Western, Inc (of Roosevelt, Utah) in return of 150 shares of common stock assigned back to Western Basin by the debtor

As of December 2017, the balance remaining to be paid on the Note will be $248,181.47 plus variable interest as stated above. The Trustee has been servicing the Note

Payment history to be provided shortly and will be linked once the auction commences.

Stock Assignment: See Link Below-
Assignment of Stock

Promissory Note See Link Below-
Promissory Note executed

Payout History: See Links Below, and Updated Link 7/1/18

Furrh 17-41137 (BROWN) payment report

Updated Payments June 2018

Location Info: The company is located in Northern Utah east of Provo.

Past and current payments from the Note have been made directly to the Bankruptcy Estate. Once the promissory note is sold and after the highest bid amount has been paid by certified funds to, any future payments will be redirected to the new owner of the note. There shall be no claim by the buyer to any prior payments received by the Trustee in any circumstance.

Liens: We do not know of any other liens

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