Sold: Vacant Land in Clearlake Park, Lake County, California!

Item Id: Romanek01
Case Name: Romanek, Robert L & Else V
Case Number: 18 15593
Starting Minimum Bid: $995

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Description: Estate’s interest in 0.07 acres of vacant land in Clearlake Park, Calfornia near Clear Lake and north of Santa Rosa. The property is located at13504 Santa Clara Avenue, Clearlake Park, CA 94522. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. The APN# is 037-374-200-00004037-0000. The legal description is ‘Lots 39 and 40 in Block 14A of a re-subdivision of Block 13 to 16 inclusive of Clearlake Harbor

2018 taxes were approximately $52.82 and have not been paid. Of that total, ½ year is now due in the amount of $26.41.

Per the Assessor’s office, the property neighborhood consists of both single family dwellings and large mobile homes

Location Info: The property is located about 5 blocks east of the north shore of Clear Lake. Clearlake Park is about 50 miles north of Santa Rosa and a two-hour drive north of the San Francisco area.

There are no past due taxes in 2018 as of 1/31/19. However, half of the current year taxes are now due in the amount of $26.41. We do not know of any other liens

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