Currently Running Auctions

The auctions below are listed by closing date.  You will need to be a registered user and logged in to place a bid.  BKAssets uses the standard automatic increment amounts as a bidding platform. This does not remove the “Maximum Bid” option bidders are allowed with Proxy bidding.

NOTE TO BIDDERS: If a bid is placed within the final 2 minutes before the closing of an auction, the auction will be extended by 2 additional minutes. Please refresh your screen during the end of the auction (press “F5″ on your keyboard) to see the current high bidder.

Please click here for bidding tutorials prior to placing a bid.

ebay auctionAuctions that close on without a successful winning bidder may be relisted on Please note that listings on eBay may be subject to higher fees, and or shipping and handling costs. Please read eBay ads carefully before bidding. To access the eBay seller store, click the logo at the right.