Please read our terms in their entirety prior to bidding.


A document preparation fee will apply to all sales. The information provided is all that we know about this item. Any fees/liens owing on this item are not part of the final bid price. A bid submitted by a buyer is an agreement to our Terms. Buyers should not bid unless they fully intend to complete the sale in accordance with our Terms.

Title and Escrow:

A title search has NOT been performed on these properties. BKAssets does not provide title insurance. If title insurance is desired, the buyer is responsible for obtaining it through a title company. The title company must comply with the terms of the sale as ordered by the court. Because this is a US Bankruptcy Court ordered, as-is where-is sale, BKAssets is not permitted to use an escrow company, or provide any warranty or guarantee, whether implied or stated.

Legal Info:

By Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court, BKAssets sells this and any other property “AS IS, WHERE IS”, with no warranties implied or stated. This means that the Seller and the trustee are not responsible for problems (if any) with the title, the condition of the property, or any liens or encumbrances against the unit. The buyer will be entirely responsible for this property after the sale including but not limited to: paying any fees/costs associated with this property, paying all fees/liens (if any), recording/transferring the title and gathering any paperwork/documentation necessary for that process. Seller and trustee are NOT realtors. BKAssets and the trustee shall be under no obligation to buyer except to provide buyer with a Trustee’s Deed. All the information as to the item description has been provided by the County Assessor / Treasurer, property management company or an authorized agent thereof. BKAssets cannot guarantee that all the information is accurate. BKAssets recommends all bidders perform their own due diligence prior to bidding. As with any bankruptcy sale, this sale may be subject to court approval.

Payment Info:

Acceptable forms of payment include $U.S. Money order, certified check, cashier’s check, and wire transfer (bank fees may apply for wire transfers). BKAssets may also accept “Bill Pay” from Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Citi and other institutions or Credit Unions with “Bill Pay” functionality. If you would like to use “Bill Pay,” please call BKAssets prior to sending payment if you have any questions.

A document preparation fee (payable to seller) will apply to all sales. Full payment must be received within (7) days of winning bid. Any bidder who does not complete the sale within 7 days from the close of auction will be considered in default, at which point seller has the right to proceed with the next highest bidder.

Shipping Info:

Please refer to each individual listing for shipping costs. Foreign bidders are welcome, please contact BKAssets for shipping costs to countries other than the United States prior to bidding. Shipping costs to locations outside of the US will be calculated at the close of auction. Please be advised that because this is a US Bankruptcy Court Ordered sale, and subject to approval, shipping can take an average of 4-6 weeks.

PROXY BID Let the system be your proxy and do your bidding for you:

Enter your Maximum Bid:
To place a bid on an item on BKAssets click the ORANGE “Bid Now” button on the auction listing. If you prefer that the automatic system on the BKAssets website automatically for you if you cannot watch or monitor the auction as the auction nears its assigned closed time, enter the maximum price in dollars you’re willing to pay for an item. BKAssets is not responsible for connectivity issue or delays outside our control to bids received into our system.

Remember you are participating in a Court ordered sale and your bid, BY US BANKRUTPCY LAW, places you in a binding contract enforceable by the US Bankruptcy Court. BKAssets and the US Bankruptcy Court requires prospective bidders to perform their own due diligence before placing a bid.

When you place a proxy bid, you authorize BKAssets to bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount entered in your bid. BKAssets will automatically place a bid on your behalf for the lowest amount possible up to your maximum bid using an increment bidding system. This allows you to remain the highest bidder for the auction and your proxy bid will remain confidential. If other bidders outbid your predetermined maximum, you don’t get your item. But otherwise, you’re the winner—and the final winning bid may even be less than the maximum you had been willing to pay!

How Proxy Bidding Works:
The maximum bid you enter is not shown to other bidders. All they can see is the current highest bid. If you are subsequently outbid, BKAssets, by proxy, continues to make new bids on your behalf until your maximum bid is reached. If the original highest bidder also has a maximum bid, Bkassets automatically bids for both you and the other bidder. Therefore the highest bid you see on the item depends on both your maximum bid and the maximum bids of other users. Occasionally you’ll see bids increase by less. This means that someone else placed a bid just slightly higher than another’s maximum bid amount.

Making Further Bids:
To revise your bid, click the “Bid Now”. If you’ve entered an incorrect maximum bid amount you can increase it or lower your bid but it must higher than the current high bid.