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Welcome to! is the only full service bankruptcy asset auctioneer using the power of the internet. Specializing in intangibles since 2000. If the asset is thought as being difficult to sell or you’re deciding what to do with it, send it to us and our creative problem solving staff will get it sold!

Take the BKAssets Challenge…

We’ve sold it all! (Vacant Land, Disney timeshares, Mineral Rights, Oil, Gas and Wind Turbine Leases, Promissory Notes, Electric Buses, Unsecured Stock,  Fractional Agriculture Interests, Life Estates) We challenge you to think outside of the box and let us put the power of the internet to work for you!

What You Do:

  • Call, fax, email, or write us with the asset information (i.e. deeds, schedules, etc.)

What We Do For You:

  • Gather more due diligence information (i.e. photographs, recorded documents, lien information, and internet links)
  • Get approved by the Court as Internet Auctioneer, if applicable in your district.
  • Consult with you regarding asset marketability to determine conditions of auction.
  • Create a visually appealing internet ad that will be posted on our website for the noticing period and then uploaded to a well-established specialty internet auction site for sale.
  • Handle all communication with your bidders throughout the sales process, answering questions about your assets and helping them participate in the bidding process. We make ourselves available to your bidders via email, telephone, fax, and mail.
  • Close the sale with the successful bidder, collect the funds, and send all funds immediately to you.
  • Transfer the asset to the successful bidder (shipping, deeds of trust, etc.)
  • Submit the final report to you.
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BKAssets is the only full service auction company taking bankruptcy auctions to the world-wide web.

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