SOLD: Judgement in the Amount of $5,777,375.07!

Item Id: Mission Fiber01
Case Name: Mission Banks Group, Inc
Case Number: 10 15761
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Description: Estate’s interest in a court judgment in the amount of $5,777,375.07 against David Scott Anderson (aka Scott Anderson); Jane Doe Anderson, Morris Wayne Hillers (aka Wayne Hillers), Jane Doe Hillers. Through Adversary Proceeding No. 11 01455 against David Scott Anderson (aka Scott Anderson) and Toni Dee Anderson (aka Jane Doe Anderson), Trustee obtained a non-dischargeable judgment in the amount of $5,777,375.07 at the statutory rate.
For additional information, please contact Angie at 480-644-1080 or by 12/15/13

Location Info: The judgment was ordered by the US Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona, Case # 12-2331-PHX-JAT. Copies of the judgment are available upon request. Trustee will provide last known address of the defendant, and any other information he is legally able to disclose.

For additional information or to submit an offer, please contact the trustee assistant: Angie at 480-644-1080 or

Liens: There is a total in past due taxes of $303.18. We do not know of any other liens.

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