July 19, 2022

Sold: 153 Acres of Vacant Land / Agriculture Land in Aguila, Maricopa County, Arizona!

Item Id: Bornt01
Case Name: Bornt and Sons Inc
Case Number: 20 06119
Starting Minimum Bid: $350,000


Description: Estate’s interest in 153 acres of land in Aguila, AZ in Maricopa County. The property is located at 52637 West Church Street, Aguila, AZ 85320. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is operable.

These are four parcels, contiguous, being sold as one combined, in one auction.

The APN#s are:

506-03-041 of 36.5 acres
506-03-042 of 36.6 acres
506-03-045 of 40 acres
506-03-046 of 40 acres

The Legal Descriptions are (abbreviated) ‘Rancho de Vaqueros Survey MCR 255-40 Sec 21, 23, 26, 27 and 28. Gila-Salt River Base, Township 7 North, Range 9 West Book 257 Page 43’’

The parcels have been used primarily for agricultural purposes including cantaloupe production.

2020 taxes were, in order of APN’s listed above:
041 = $1,480.14
042 = $1,877.99
045 = $549.72
046 = $549.72

Total assessed taxes of the four parcel combined is $4,457.57 and have been paid. There are no current or past due taxes as of 6/30/22


Location Info: The properties are located on the north side of Church Street and just slightly west of the center of Aguila. The city of Aguila is approximately 26 miles west of Wickenburg, and 58 miles northwest of Sun City West, or metro Phoenix, State Route 303. Interstate 10 is 45 miles southwest of the property. Church Street is also US State Route 60 the parcels border US 60

Liens: There are no past due taxes as of 6/30/22 per the County Treasurer’s office. We do not know of any other liens.