Sold: 3 Mantle Clocks & 2 Kachinas

Item Id: Kocher01
Case Name: Kocher, Randall Marlin
Case Number: 18-08598
Trustee: Ford
Starting Minimum Bid: $200

Description: Five total items in lot. Three mantle clocks and two Kachinas.

-The first mantle clock is an 1874 Waterbury clock which requires new main springs. The dimensions are: L: 11.5in W: 4in H: 18in

-The second clock is a vintage electric Lanshire Time For Luck Horse which requires motor and gear repair. The dimensions are: L: 17.5in W: 6in H: 18in

-The third clock is a 1900’s New Haven Mantle which requires gear repair and mainspring repair. The dimensions are: L: 20in W: 6.5in H: 10in

The used condition is consistent with item age and usage. It is necessary to make the repairs to get the clocks working.

-The first Kachina is a Pueblo Navajo Kachina signed by Frank Ami, “Hemis”. It is a well done piece, hand carved, with excellent painting, on a wood base. There is damage to both arms as well as the left foot. The dimensions are: L: 29in W: 11in H: 29in

-The second Kachina is a Thunderbird Navajo Kachina. It is beautifully painted; hand carved, has good proportions, and is on a wooden base. The dimensions are: L: 15.5in W: 9in H: 15.5in

Location: Assets located in Mesa,AZ. Local pickup available. Winning bidder is responsible for packaging insurance and shipping via local ups store 85201.

Liens: We do not know of any other liens.

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