Sold: 90,000 Shares of Stock in Ximen Mining (XIM – Canada) !

Item Id: GoldenPHX01
Case Name: Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc
Case Number: 16 51298
Starting Minimum Bid: $5,500

Description: Estate’s interest in 90,000 shares of common stock in Ximen Mining Corp of Vancouver, BC, Canada (XXMMF or XIM = TSX)

XIM Mining has a 100% interest in one of the world’s largest gold bearing epithermal systems in Southern British Columbia. With similar geology to the Gold District in Washington this is an advanced system with multiple high grade targets.

As of 3/7/19, the 52 week high/low range of Ximen Mining stock has been a low of $0.10 and a high of $0.457.

The debtor originally purchased 450,000 shares of stock. There was a prior reverse stock split of Ximen Mining Stock so as of 2019, the stock shares are 90,000

Upon completion of the auction, a stock transfer assignment will be provided to the winning bidder. That new assignment must be submitted along with a Medallion Signature guarantee and a stock transfer fee following Ximen procedures and policy. The winning bidder is responsible for familiarizing themselves with all policies and procedures related to stock purchase of a Canada based firm traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange


Location Info: Ximen Mining is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..