Make An Offer: A Variety of Guitars, Keyboard, Drum Set, and Banjo, and Various Additional Musical Equipment!

Item Id: Land11
Case Name: Land, Wayne V
Case Number: 18 04368
Starting Minimum Bid: $4,895

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Description: A combined total of eight (8) separate musical instruments: guitars, banjo and keyboard being sold in one lot. The four (4) string instruments in this lot are:

-a Schecter C-1 Classic 6-String Guitar
-a Schecter C-1 Custom 5-String Bass
-a Dean Boca 12-String Guitar
-an Epiphone MB200 5-String Banjo

The string instruments are assumed to be used and in very good condition with no visible nicks, dents, or scratches. The string instruments come in cases and the cases themselves are functioning and in good condition.

The string instruments serial numbers are as follows;
Schecter C-1 Guitar-0615198
Schecter C-1 Bass-0622045
Dean Boca Guitar-14020810
Epiphone Banjo-0807127514.

The keyboard is a Roland GW-7 Workstation. There are no visible nicks, dents, or scratches. The keyboard appears to be new with an open box.

In this lot there are also two Behringer products

One is-
-a Behringer Ultratone K1800FX Ultraflexible 180-Watt 4-Channel PA system, and
The 2nd is
-a Behringer Ultrabass BXL450A

Both products appear to be in lightly used but in very good condition. There are no visible nicks, dents, or scratches.

The final item (drum set) in this lot is :
a Roland V-Tour Electric Drum Set. The series is the td-6kw. The electric drum set appears to be new in box. There are no visible nicks, dents, or scratches.

The miscellaneous products included in this lot include:
-two (2) harmonicas: a Piedmont Blues Harmonica Set, and a Lee Oskar Harmonica which are both in very good condition.
-Four (4) sets of drumsticks in good condition: a set of Vater drumsticks, Bottle Rocket drumsticks, Ahead drumsticks, and Zildjian drumsticks.
-Two (2) on stage guitar stands the brands are On-Stage Stands.
-Two (2) amp cords and a bungee cord that appears lightly used.
-One (1) One clear acrylic steel wire pick that is brand new in box.
-One (1) Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner that appears lightly used,
-One (1) One Boss FS-5U Momentary Footswitch that appears used.
-One (1) Zoom B1/B1X Bass Effects Pedal that appears to be new in an open box.
-Two (2) used lamps the small size is a Capstone Convenience Lamp in used condition and the large lamp is a Ting-Shen Lamp in poor condition.
-Two lesson books: The Best of Eric Clapton A Step-By-Step Breakdown of His Playing Technique by Hal Leonard, and 100 Greatest Songs of Rock and Roll by Hal Leonard which both appear to be used.
-One (1) Hohner Harmonica neck holder that is new and sealed.
-One (1) small drum stool that is Tama brand and appears slightly used.
-One (1) sheet music stand that appears slightly used.

Location Info: The equipment is located near Phoenix,AZ and will be available for pickup from this location. The trustee will not deliver the music equipment and all costs for packing/shipping/insurance are the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer is responsible to arrange for shipping directly with the UPS store closest to the trustee office.

Liens: We do not know of any liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..