Sold: Judgment / Court Approved Settlement in the Amount of $285.00 Monthly through 8/2020!

Item Id: Littrell01
Case Name: Littrell, Melisha
Case Number: 18 02150
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,495

Description: A Court approved/ordered Settlement agreement between the Estate and Daniel & Jodi Stockton. The Order was issued by US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Illinois on 2/3/2016 (Case # 15 31352). The Settlement turned over the Trustee any proceeds received during the pendency of the case in excess of $17,000 or 50% of the net proceeds (whichever amount is lower shall be turnover over to the Trustee.)

The balance due is now a monthly amount of $280 payable on the 30th of each month through August 2020

Monthly payments: $285.00
First Payment after Sale: 1/30/2019
Last Payment: 8/30/2020
Number of Payments: 20
Total Payments: $5,700

Liens: We do not know of any liens