Sold: Judgment in the Amount of $270,025.00 Reduced to $99,900 Due

Item Id: NCTobacco01
Case Name: North Carolina Tobacco International LLC
Case Number: 17 51077
Starting Minimum Bid:

Description: Default Judgment against one Burton Rice & C Few:

Burton Rice and C Few, LLC

The Trustee obtained judgment in the amount of $270.025.00 against each of the defendant including interest as of 10/5/2018 filed in the Middle District of North Carolina in the above bankruptcy case, and Adv. Pro # 18 06033 filed 12/7/2018

The total judgment, combined, are in the amount of $270.025.00 plus interest as of October 2018,

By early 2020, the Trustee successfully sold a number of asset which reduced the defendant’s liability to $99,972.78. The Trustee further obtained a Partial Judgment reducing the original $270,025 figure to $99,972.

The Partial Judgment is located under the same Adv number and was filed on 8/17/2020

Trustee will provide contact information of the defendants to the winning bidder. The firm’s public address is listed in the Judgment

Liens: We are not aware of any liens