Sold: Judgment in the Amount of $62,000!

Item Id: Harris01
Case Name: Harris, Stacy M
Case Number: 17 31608
Starting Minimum Bid: $3,995

Description: Default judgment to recover fraudulent transfer of assets against defendants Gregory Maurice Perry entered November 26, 2018

Awarded in the first adv. Case # 18 03046 in the US Bankruptcy Court for the West District of North Carolina, Charlotte District regarding a complaint to recover a fraudulent conveyance of asset in the amount of $58,000 plus interest. The transfer from the debtor to the defendant was voided.

The amount of the judgment was $58,000 for fraudulent transfer of vehicles and a van. A second was for $4,000 for avoidance, plus interest. The total judgment amount is $62,000 plus interest.

Trustee will provide current known address (not a PO Box) of the defendants

Liens: We are now aware of any liens