On Sale 10/8: Judgment in the Amount of $6,250!

Item Id: Hargrove01
Case Name: Hargrove, Leslie
Case Number: 17 20810
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,500

Description: Estate’s interest in a non-dischargeable judgment vs Debtor, Leslie Hargrove, lead bankruptcy case # 17 20810 and adversary #17 2088 pending in the Northern District of Indiana. The judgment was obtained in the adversary case #17 2088 on August 27, 2008 (Court Docket entry #35). The judgment is in the amount of $5,900 plus cost of $350 with interest accruing at the rate of 2.42% from the entry date of August 3, 2019.

The judgment also calls for the revocation of the debtor’s discharge, meaning, the Debtor cannot discharge the judgment in any future bankruptcy cases unless the judgment is paid in full. Buyer will be given a full assignment of the judgment and may pursue the debtor for full payment. The judgment will be sold and assigned “as is, where is” with no warranties either implied or stated. Buyer will be responsible for any and all costs to transfer the judgment and to collect

Liens: We do not know of any liens