Sold: Oil & Gas Mineral Rights and Lease near Keene Township, McKenzie County, North Dakota!

Item Id: Skare01
Case Name: Skare, John G
Case Number: 18 43202
Starting Minimum Bid: $19,995

Description: Oil & Gas well mineral rights near Keene and Keene Township, North Dakota in McKenzie County. Debtor holds fractional interest in the rights and the royalties via an inheritance from Ida Skare. The current Oil/Gas lease holders are ConocoPhillips and Newfield Production Company

The Legal Descriptions are:

‘Township 152 North, Range 96 West
Section 9: NE / 4
Section 10: NW / 4

There are two (2) leases associated with these rights.

The ConocoPhillips Investor # is: 1345025001
The Newfield Petroleum Investor # is: 116894

The debtor has documented IRS statements from 2018 indicating royalties, as follows:
ConocoPhillips – $1,418.43
Newfield Petroleum – $4,076.09

Future payments to be paid to the winning bidder after payment is received for the auction’s winning bid

Location Info: The rights are located in Keene Township, McKenzie County, North Dakota

Liens: We do not know of any liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..