January 31, 2019

On Sale Soon: Oil & Gas Mineral Rights near Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada!

Item Id: Bergstrom01
Case Name: Bergstrom, Robert L
Case Number: 18 61038
Starting Minimum Bid: $4,995

Description: Oil & Gas well mineral rights near Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. The debtor holds a ‘Mineral Joint Venture Certificate’ with Weyburn Security Company Limited who owns the deed and operates the oil/gas production.

The Weyburn Security Company Certificate with the debtor is # – 446.

These are not deeded rights. The deed is held by Weyburn Security who, in turn, “leases” or provide a ‘Joint Venture Certificate” to parties who then have an interest in the production and royalties.

The Legal Description related to the mineral rights owned by Weyburn Security is: ‘the South West quarter of Section 23, Township 5, Range 14, West of the Second Meridian (SW 25-5-14-W2)’

IRS documents state the debtor received $780 in royalties in 2017, and paid $195 in taxes (MT) on those royalties, for a gain of $585. In 2016, its was $459

In order to transfer ownership, Weyburn Security collects $63 CAD to name change the Joint Venture Certificate to the new owner. This may not be paid in USD

Location Info: Weyburn is located in south central Saskatchewan and is approximately 2 hours north of Williston, ND

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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