July 31, 2020

Make An Offer: Wyndham Destin Beach Street Cottages on the Florida Panhandle in Destin, FL!

Item Id: Corey01
Case Name: Corey, Welton R & Andrea P
Case Number: 19 10999
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,249
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Name of Timeshare: Wyndham Fairfield Destin Beach Street Cottages Condominiums, 2974 Scenic Gulf Drive, Destin, FL 32550

Description: Timeshare at Wyndham Fairfield Destin Beach Street Cottages and Condominiums in Destin, FL. 152,400 points annually for use at Wyndham Destin / Scenic Gulf Road. Biennial usage. Odd Years. Ocean View. One week on a biennial basis. 2020 maintenance fees are $721.80 and are now due. 2019 fees were $681.60 and have been paid. The total due to make the account current is $120.30 as of 7/15/20. Transfer fee determined by Wyndham is $299. Originally purchased for $12,749. Mortgage is PIF. Wyndham holds FROR

Amenities: With swaying palm trees and small-town ambiance, this resort is the perfect hideaway to cross “get away from it all” off your bucket list. Beyond its amazing amenities, this resort is the perfect springboard to dive into the heart of it all. Enjoy the beach location plus Destin’s top shops, restaurants, parks and golf courses.

Location Info: The property is located acress the street from the Atlantic Ocean in Destin in the heart of the Florida Panhandle. It is within 15 minutes of Eglin Air Force Base and also the Delton – Ft Walton Beach Airport
Management Company: Club Wyndham

Liens: There are current fees due in the amount of approximately $120.30 according to the management company. We do not know of any other liens.