Sold: Collection of Miscellaneous (Fingerlings, Barbie Dolls) Unopened Boxes of a Variety of Toys/Figures!

Item Id: Saba05
Case Name: Saba, Richard D, Jr
Case Number: 18 14108
Starting Minimum Bid: $200

Description: Individually boxed Characters/Toys/Figures from a wide-range of sources. There are a total of 43 individual boxed toys which are unused and unopened. The estimated retail combined value of the items is $600. The lot includes (see full list below) 5Barbie dolls, 7 Fingerlings, Ant-Man, and Skylanders Imaginators. The boxes are all unopened and in their new packaging; never sold or distributed with the exception of the Barbie dolls whose packaging is slightly damaged. See list below for the complete lot and list of all figures/characters, # number of boxes, and number of figures in each box are, as follows:

Ant-Man 630509319824 3
X-Files: Fireman 787926161137 1
Pokemon Z-Ring 053941192020 6
Skylanders Imaginators – Wii U 047875878938 1
Fingerlings: Monkey Bar Playset 771171137351 2
Fingerlings: Jungle Gym Playset 771171137320 1
Fingerlings: Kiki (Glitter) 771171137627 3
Fingerlings: Amelia (Glitter) 771171137610 3
Fingerlings: Bella 771171137153 2
Fingerlings: Kingsley 771171137511 2
Fingerlings: Mia 771171137047 2
Barbie: Angel of Joy 074299196331 1
Barbie: Celebration 2000 074299282690 1
Barbie: Silver Royale 074299159527 1
Barbie: Millennium Princess 074299241543 1
Barbie: Winter Fantasy Ball 074299177798 1

Lego Serial # Count
Friends: Olivia’s Creative Lab 673419264952 1
CITY: Fire Starter Set 673419247443 6
DC Heroes: Wonder Woman 673419266437 2
Star Wars Advent Calendar 673419248655 1
Dimensions Starter Pack 883929450404 2

Location Info: The items are located in Phoenix, Arizona and will be shipped from that location: Zip Code 85201. See attached photo. The items are also available for local pickup. The trustee will not deliver the item and all costs for shipping are the responsibility of the buyer via UPS.

Liens: We do not know of any other liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..