July 8, 2022

Sold: 1 Acre of Vacant Land in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts !

Item Id: Gagnon01
Case Name: Gagnon, Timothy E
Case Number: 22 10576
Starting Minimum Bid: $7,495
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Description: Estate’s interest in vacant land in Rowley, Massachusetts. The property is located off Far Division Road, Rowley, MA 01969. The property is 1 acre. The status of utilities, power, water is unknown. The property borders a paved road per the Assessor.

The PID # is 2421. The City Account # is 34-31. The legal description is ‘A certain piece of uplands, an Island, containing one acre, more or less, situated at a place called “Near Division” and borders on all sides by Marsh of Nathaniel and Benjamin Potter. Meaning and intending to convey the same parcel conveyed to Lewis Dole by Anon Saanders on April 16, 1835 and recorded in Book 513, Page 120’. Copies provided to prospective bidders upon request. The property was deeded to the debtor on 4/2/1985

The property also contains a structure believed to be a 1-story shed or storage unit. The structure is 120 square feet and was built in 1950. Its composite material is pine and condition is unknown

The appraised value is $26,400 of the property and structure combined.
2021 taxes were approximately $397.55 and have been paid. There are no past due taxes per the County Treasurer’s office as of 4/15/22

Location Info: The property is located off Far Division Road and near Sawyer Creek. It is also located near Stackyard Road Rowley is located approximately 35 miles north of Boston and 12 miles south of the state line with New Hampshire

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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