July 13, 2023

Make an Offer: Judgments in the Amount of $129,054.42 !

Item Id: Wynit01
Case Name: WYNIT Distribution, LLC
Case Number: 17 42726

Starting Minimum Bid: $12,500

Default judgment filed by Trustee in the State on Minnesota, pursuant to Fed R Civ p 55(b)(1) against the following defendants:

Jointly administered under Nywit Distribution LLC:

The first list is the judgment debtor, judgment amount and where the judgment debtor does business.

The second list is a list of bankruptcy debtors. Those debtors have been consolidated into one case – Wynit Distribution, LLC 17-42726.

Proteus VR Labs $14,822.00 Florida
Kenu, Inc. $18,450.37 Delaware with principal place of business in CA
Znode, LLC $15,625.00 Delaware with office and warehouse in WI
Adonit Co., Ltd. $48,565.18 Taiwan
Toymail Inc. $16,591.87 Delaware
Collective Minds $15,000.00 Canada

Information to Identify the Cases

Debtors Case Number Debtor EIN

WYNIT Distribution, Inc 17 42726 27 85005230

WD Navarre Distribution Inc 17 42728 47 1073459

WD Encore Software 17 42729 47 1073614

WD Navarre Holdings LLC 17 32864 47 1088209

WD Navarre Digital Services LLC 17 32868 47 1088459

NYWIT Holdings Inc 17 32866 47 1088298

WD Navarre Canada ULC 17 32867 98 1204170

Trustee obtained judgments in the above default amounts totaling $129,054.42

Trustee will provide known address/contact information of the defendants to the winning bidder.

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

Judgment Copy:

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