Sold: 17 Medium Storage Tubs of Collectibles, Resellable, Miscellaneous Items!

Item Id: Werner03
Case Name: Werner, David H
Case Number: 20 09546
Starting Minimum Bid: $300

Description: Estate’s interest in 17 medium Storage Tubs each filled with a large variety of small collectibles, majority of which are resellable.
The tubs are each approximately 17 gallon storage tubs and contain a wide variety of small items. Each tub is, at least, 50-75% full of some of the following items:

-approximately 500 costume jewelry items on original display cards, many with UPC’s
-two dozen (24) Frisbees in original packaging
-two dozen (24) towels, majority of which are beach towel size
-wide assortment of flashlights (hand held, camping, and clip visor)
-Miscellaneous clothing.

These majority of these items, estimated to be nearly 1000, are in excellent condition and would be able to be resold in small lots or individually at garage sales, online auctions, or estate sales

Location Info: These collectibles are stored in Mesa, Arizona, in an open parking lot about 2 blocks north of Main Street. The location is approximately 7 miles east of
Sky Harbor International Airport.

There will be a public inspection of the vehicle at the following time and location:


Liens: We are not aware of any liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..