Sold: 27 Patents, 13 Trademarks, and a Large Inventory (Several Hundreds) of Equipment and Supplies Related to Digital Security Camera Business!

Item Id: Blackhawk01
Case Name: Blackhawk Imaging LLC
Case Number: 18 72707
Starting Minimum Bid: $5,000

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Description: Estate’s interest in thirteen (13) trademark, and twenty-seven (27) patents. The trademarks consist of the words ‘Scallop Imaging’ or SI, or “The One”. The trademark and patents are all related to distribution of digital security cameras and methods of creating a virtual window.

The trademarks are all related to digital imaging.
Blackhawk US Patent

The Patents are registered with the USPTO. The primary patents number is:

8,791,984 B2 and was issued on 7/29/2014
Other patent numbers and descriptions linked below: lte
The Blackhawk Imaging Intellectual Property includes:
Documents, files, software, furniture, fixtures, equipment and Inventory
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These assets must be removed from their current location by the winning bidder no later than 1/2/19

Location Info: The USPTO charges a one-time fee of $200 to change registration including the owner of the trademark. The Inventory is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is located 55 miles west of Little Rock and 160 miles south of Fayetteville

Liens: We do not know of any other liens

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