On Sale 3/27: Judgment in the Amount of $37,871.50

Item Id: PRM 30
Case Name: PRM Family Holding Company, LLC
Case Number: 13 09026

Starting Minimum Bid: $950

Default judgment, pursuant to Fed R Civ p 55(b)(1) against the following defendant:

Wesmex Inc

Trustee obtained judgment in the above default amount of $37,871.50 against Westmex Inc . Plaintiff Schian solely as creditor trustee of the PRM Family Holding Company, LLC has requested entry of judgment by default. There are also additional costs against the defendant in the amount of $467.50 interest for a total judgment of $38,399.00. The judgment was filed in the District of Arizona in the above bankruptcy case, and Adv. Pro # 15 00451 filed 10/22//2015

Trustee will provide known address/contact information of the defendants to the winning bidder.

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

Judgment Copy: Judgment Wesmex

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