April 3, 2021

Make An Offer: Limited Edition by Jiang Tie-Feng Original Seriagraph on Paper !

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‘Four Seasons’
Estate’s Interest In a 30″ W x 30″ L, Framed, paper seriagraph on paper by Jiang Tie-Feng entitled “Four Seasons”. It is a Limited Edition (202/260) with Certificate of Authentication and is remarqued. Known for his work moving between societal beauty and politics, Jiang is known for his work in China before and after the Cultural Revolution and eventual emigration to the United States.

Early in his career, the Chinese government recognized Jiang’s talent and forced to him to produce propaganda posters as part of the Cultural Revolution. He particularly focused on bring color to his art and using Chinese mythology and Buddhism to great art with symbolic meanings. Bold colors and imagery are hallmarks of his many works . One of his murals eventually was hung in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Ultimately some of his works were smuggled out of China in National Geographic magazines and brought to the US where they were displayed inn many museums around the US. He permanently emigrated to America in 1984 .

Highlites: In colors of brown/tan and various shades of gray; black and pink, Jiang creates an intriguing scene of the imagery and bold colors for which he is so well known representing Mother Earth figures/the givers of Life, and circles representing beauty and flight.

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