January 15, 2021

Sold: Oil / Gas Mineral Rights near South Heart, Stark County, North Dakota !d

>Item Id: Flaaen01
Case Name: Flaaen, Raquel L
Case Number: 20 304793
Starting Minimum Bid: $750
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Description: Oil & Gas & Coal mineral rights near South Heart, North Dakota in Stark County south of South Heart. Debtor holds interest in the mineral rights subject to a Life Estate of her mother,a 77 year old woman.

The Legal Description is:

“Township 140 North, Range 99 West,
Section 13 : All

The rights are shared with siblings of the debtor so this asset represents fractional interest

There is a lease covering the rights which is owned by Empire Oil. Payments to the holding party are unknown given the Life Estate in place and that the debtor will inherit them

Location Info: The rights are near South Heart, ND

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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