Sold: Oil & Gas Mineral Rights and Lease near Gillett, Karnes County, Texas!

Item Id: Foster-Lewis01
Case Name: Foster, Tori N (aka Tori N Lewis)
Case Number: 19 15064
Starting Minimum Bid: $7,500
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Description: Oil & Gas well mineral rights near Gillett, Texas in Karnes County. Debtor holds two separate rights in the County filed under one Owner ID# 202179.

The Legal Descriptions are:

‘AB 163 Isbel D W; RRC 10038 Lott Unit W No 1H-12H Real’
AB 60 Burnett W D Svv RRC 10157 Morris Unit W Nbo 1H-3H’

There are two separate Account Numbers under the one Owner ID account. Those APN’s are: 0202179-1-0010038 and 0202179-1-0010157.

County taxes and School District taxes are paid separately to each entity.

2019 taxes (county) on the two APN # was $97.39. There is a total due in past due in County taxes in the amount of $855.68 as of 2/29/20.

2019 taxes (school district) on the two APN’s was $317.31. There is a total due in School District taxes in the amount of $2,088.35 as of 2/29/20.

There is a lease, and royalty payments, affiliated with these rights. This lease is held by EOG Resources of Houston, Texas. Royalty payments in 2018 totaled $16,138.00 for that year. The Owner ID # is 366811

**The deed is in the maiden name of the debtor: Lewis, although EOG lease, and County Treasurer records are in the name of Foster**

Rights post-auction to be transferred with a Deed (for the County), and an Assignment (for the lease)

Income – EOG – 9.12.2019 to 2.13.2020 – Foster Tori

Location Info: Gillett is located in north Karnes County

Liens: We do not know of any liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer.