On Sale Soon: Order of Turnover in the Amount of $182,526.38!

Item Id: Garcia01
Case Name: Garcia, Arnold & Elva
Case Number: 11 20513
Starting Minimum Bid: $24,995

Description: An Order of Turnover filed by the Trustee against the debtor Arnold Garcia and Elva Garcia in the amount of $182,526.38. The Order of Turnover was filed in the Southern District of Texas, Region7 on 10/24/2013 Case # 11 20513

The Order is in the amount of $182,526.38. The Debtor(s) collected payments from the Estate assets after conversion to Chapter 7 and kept funds rather than, as required, turning over those funds to the Trustee

Trustee will provide known current address of the debtors/defendants to the winning bidder.

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

Doc 177-Order Granting Motion For Turnover And Accounting Of Non-Exempt Assets (Related (00480383xDCB87)

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