On Sale 1/22: Ownership of Vacant Land in Chickasaw, Mobile County, Alabama!

Item Id: Finney01
Case Name: Finney, Marquetta
Case Number: 20 10152
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,095
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Description: Estate’s interest in ownership of 0.46 acres of property in Chickasaw, Alabama. The residence/property is located at 16 Elizabeth Avenue, Chickasaw, AL 36611. The working status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. There are residences in the area. The APN# is: 22 09 44 0 013 09.XXX. The Pin # is 245611. The legal description is: ‘Lot 23 Blk C Norwood Subd Unit B MBK 9 P433# Sec 44 T3S R1W #MP 22 09 44 0 013.’

The property formerly had a residence on the lot which was vacant. It was destroyed in a fire approximately three years ago. The City of Chickasaw removed the remnants of the residence but a part of the foundation, sidewalk and driveway remain on the now vacant lot in a residential neighborhood.
2019 taxes are approximately $179.76 and have not been paid. 2018 taxes are PIF. The City of Chickasaw billed the owner a fee of $2,306.73 to remove the destroyed residence which has not been paid.

Location Info: The property is located in the Norwood District of Chickasaw approximately 6 miles northwest of Mobile

Liens: There is a total due in taxes in the amount of $179.76. There is also a lien from the City of Chickasaw in the amount of $2,306.73. We do not know of any other liens

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