August 17, 2021

Make An Offer: Proof of Claim in Chapter 13 (Confirmed Plan) Bankruptcy Case ( Southern District of Indiana) #19 03830 (Burton’s Painting & Construction and Bryan Burton) in the Amount of $17,995.00

Item Id: Ketner01
Case Name: Ketner, Daniel J
Case Number: 20 06472
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,995

Estate’s interest in an Chapter 13 Proof of Claim filed in the amount of $17,995 based upon Adversary Case #19 03830 (for the Southern District of Indiana and Johnson Count, IN Superior Court). The Claim was transferred to the Trustee on 3/9/2021.

The original action was a Judgment vs the Defendant (Burton) in the Johnson County IN Superior Court Cause # 41D01-1706-PL-00061 on 12/14/2017. The judgment was then converted to a Proof of Claim (see below) on 7/29/2019. Defendant has been making regular payments. Monthly payments are now $165.28 at 8% per annum (amortized) leaving a balance to be paid in the amount of $3,385.29 to be paid over 3 years.

We have attached the following documents to prove the estate’s interest:

Exhibit# Description of Exhibit
1) Judgment filed in the Burton’s Painting & Construction LLC (Bryan Burton) filed in the Daniel Ketner case (41D)1-1706-PL-00061
2) Claims register for the Chapter 131 Case of Bryan Burton Case # 19 03830
3) Transfer of Claim from Defendants to Trustee handling bankruptcy filing
4) Trustee Report of Payment receipts, and reimbursements

Corresponding Documents:

Exhibit A – Proof of Claim 1

Exhibit A – Proof of Claim 2

Exhibit B – Transfer of Claim

Exhibit C – Trustee Report Payment Log

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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