December 19, 2020

Sold: Vacant Land in Golden Valley, Mohave County, Arizona!

>Item Id: Jones01
Case Name: Jones, Douglas & Joan M
Case Number: 20 11998
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,295
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Description: Estate’s interest in 1.25 acres of vacant land in Golden Valley, Arizona near Dolan Springs and Kingman. The property is located near North Round Island Road, Golden Valley, AZ 86413. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. The APN# is: 340-22-078C and the Account # is R0231807. The legal descriptions is ‘Section: 29 Township: 24N Range: 19 Gateway Acres Tract 12 W2 E2 Lot 89 Con’t 1.25 acres 340-22-078 (78A, B, C)

2019 taxes are approximately $35.68 and have been paid. 2018 taxes were $27.94 and have also been paid. There are no past due in current year taxes as of 12/15/20

Location Info: The property is located near and immediately east of North Round Island Road and is just south of West Silver Peak Avenue. The parcel is located west of SR 93. There are widely scattered residences and structures in the immediate area

Liens: There are no CY or past year taxes due as of 12/15/20 per the County treasurer’s office. We do not know of any other liens

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..