January 19, 2022

Sold: Vacant Land in Rio Rico, Santa Cruz County, Arizona!

Item Id: Schedel01 and Schedel02
Case Name: Schedel, Todd W & Susan E
Case Number: 21 03743
Starting Minimum Bid: $3,495 for 3.2 acre lot; $4,495 for 3.5 acre lot
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Description: Estate’s interest two separate parcels of 3.19 and 3.49 acres of vacant land in Rio Rico, Arizona in the Rio Rico Estates area near both Rio Rico and Tubac. The property is located at 50 Calle Dinamarca and 52 Called Dinamarca, Rio Rico, AZ 85648. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. The APN#s are 115-21-157 and 115-21-158 and the respective v Account # are R000024957 and R000024958. The legal descriptions are ‘Sub Rio Rico Estates Unit 16 Lot 20 Blk 484’ (157) and ‘Sub Rio Rico Estates Unit 16 Lot 21 Blk 484’ (158). The lots will be sold separately in separate auctions.

2020 were approximately $89.98 on each lot and have not been paid. 2019 taxes were approximately $85.18 and have been paid. Total past due taxes and late fees are approximately $89.98 per the County Treasurer’s office on each lot and may be slightly higher after 1/31/22.

We are not aware of any HOA / POA / ROA

Location Info: The property is located just east of Interstate 19 and the Tumacacori National Historical Park. It is north of Palo Parado Road and approximately 34 miles south of Green Valley and 45 miles south of Tucson. It is approximately 11 miles south of Rio Rico and near the Esplendor Rio Rico Resort.

Liens: There is a total due in past due taxes in the amount of approximately $89.98 per the County Treasurer’s office. We do not know of any other liens.

Bidding Guide: Please review the bkassets.com bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..