January 22, 2021

On Sale Soon: Vacant Land north of Cairo, Egypt !!

>Item Id: Elgahazaly01
Case Name: Elgahazaly, Gamal M O & Harmon, Darcy M
Case Number: 20-06335
Starting Minimum Bid: $1,000

Description: Estate’s interest in one (1) parcel is an area north of Cairo, Egypt. The parcel description is indicated as:

Hagron basin in the Village of Kafr Tunbadi
Shbeen El Kron
Menuoufia Govermorate

The deed is written in Arabic and is attached for review. The linked map also details location.
This is all of the information we have on this property

Deeding and Location Info:

City Map

(Click document to enlarge.)

Location Info: The property is located north of Cairo,

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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