August 19, 2021

On Sale Soon: Vacant Land in Heuhuetenango, Guatemala!

Item Id: Castillo01
Case Name: Castillo, Ismar R
Case Number: 20 14666
Starting Minimum Bid: $2,500

Description: Estate’s interest in property located in Heuheutenango, Guatemala. The land is located on Finca Rustica #92,563. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. The size of the parcel is TBA. The Guatemalan equivalent of an APN#’ is M-13 6301. The assessed value in USD is approximately $35,000. All known documents are attached.

The Legal Description, in Spanish, per the contract, regarding the parcel size is:
10 Meter to the North
19 Meters to the West
10 Meters to the South
20 Meter to the West
195 Shallow Square Meters

Folio No 73
Book No 273
Scripture No 1,241

2021 taxes were approximately $22.00 USD.

See attached documents in Spanish.

Property Documents:

Castillo, Ismar Roel- BK Case #20-14666 Guatemala Property Information


Ismar Castillo Property Title

Location Info: Hueheutenango is located approximately 220 kilometers north of Guatemala City, in Western Guatemala.

Liens: Transfer of property will be an Assignment and Bill of Sale. The winning bidder is responsible for all Guatemalan registration fees, legal fees, VAT, and Stamp Duty.
We do not know of any other liens.

Bidding Guide: Please review the bidding guide for terms of auction prior to placing a bid or making an offer..