Sold: Oil & Gas Mineral Rights near New England, Hettinger County, North Dakota!

Item Id: Vizenor01
Case Name: Vizenor, Donald J
Case Number: 18 50699
Starting Minimum Bid: $2,000

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Description: Oil & Gas well mineral rights near New England, North Dakota in Hettinger County. Debtor holds interest in the rights and the royalties, if any, with an attorney in lieu of payment to that attorney (Z Baer). The location is just east of New England and approximately 150 miles south of Williston.

The rights include oil, gas, uranium, coal, gravel, clay, and scoria.

The Legal Description is: “Township 135 North, Range 96 West of the 5th P.M.
Section Eleven (11) Southwest Quarter (SW1/4)
Section Fourteen (14) Northwest Quarter (NW1/4)
Section Fifteen (15) East Half (E1/2)
Section Twenty (20) Southeast Quarter (SE1/4)
Section Twenty-eight (28)South Half of Southwest Quarter (S1/2, SW1/4)
Northwest Quarter of Southwest Quarter
(NW1/4 SW1/4)
Section Twenty-nine (29) Southwest Quarter (SW1/4)
Section Thiry (30) (Northwest Quarter (NW1/4)’

According to the Deed (dated 3/8/2017), the debtor owes an attorney for fees incurred and granted mineral rights to that attorney in lieu of payment. The deeding of the rights by the debtor shall continue until the attorney fees are repaid. The Grantee (attorney) has rights to any/all royalty payments from a future lease until the debt is repaid.

2015 Quit Claim Estate of Mesling to Estate of Vizenor

Probate documents

Assignment to Probate attorney

In addition, according to the deed, ‘In the event the Grantors (debtor) enters into a lease of the other properties and revenue is generated, the amount payable on the obligation shall be limited to 50% of the monies generated from the leasehold interest owned by the Grantors until such obligation is paid in full.’


Attorney Agreement:
Assignment to Probate attorney

Location Info: The location is just east of New England and approximately 150 miles south of Willison.

Liens: We are not aware of any liens

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