Sold: 1 Acre of Vacant Land in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts !

Item Id: Gagnon01 Case Name: Gagnon, Timothy E Case Number: 22 10576 Trustee: Starting Minimum Bid: $7,495 eBay Auctions Description: Estate’s interest in vacant land in Rowley, Massachusetts. The property is located off Far Division Road, Rowley, MA 01969. The property is 1 acre. The status of utilities, power, water is unknown. The property borders … Read more

Sold: Vacant Land in Canterbury, Merrimack County, New Hampshire!

Item Id: Greenwood01 Case Name: Greenwood, Douglas C & Irene B Case Number: 13 20393 Trustee: Starting Minimum Bid: $4,394 Description: Estate’s interest in 5 acres of vacant land in Canterbury, New Hampshire. The land is located on Snowshoe Hill Road, Canterbury, NH 03224. The status of water, power, sewer and utilities is unknown. The … Read more