Make An Offer: A Large Lot (57 Individual Pieces) A Variety of Jewelry Items Sold as One (1) Lot: Includes Coral, Native American Pieces, Zuni-In-Lay, White Gold Bands/Hoop Earrings, Navajo Turquoise, Navajo Cuff Bracelets, and Bisbee Turquoise!

Make An Offer: Timeshare at The Wharf Resort on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas!

Make An Offer: Collection of Miscellaneous (Fingerlings, Barbie Dolls) Unopened Boxes of a Variety of Toys/Figures!

Make An Offer: A Large Inventory (518 Pieces) of New, Unused Uniforms for Both Medical and Food Service Workers!

Make An Offer: 50% Ownership of Vacant Land and Cabin in Sweet Springs, Monroe County, West Virginia!

Make An Offer: 53 Patents Related to Former Electrochemical Research Company

Make An Offer: A Collection of 120 Unopened Boxes of Funko Pops!

Make An Offer: Star Wars Individual 3.75 Black Series Figures as One Lot !

Make An Offer: Vacant Land in Talladega, Talladega County, Alabama!

Make An Offer: A Variety of Firearms, Guns and Shotguns: 10 Separate Firearms!