On Sale Soon: Judgment in the Amount of $85,035.00

On Sale Soon: Oil & Gas Mineral Rights near Pine Grove, Pleasants County, West Virginia!

On Sale 9/25: Resident Mobile Home in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona!

On Sale 9/8: 2006 Ottaway Tractor Yardspotter!

On Sale 9/8: 2006 Freightliner Day Cab Tractor! (Sold for Parts)

On Sale 9/8: 2007 International Day Cab Tractor!

On Sale 9/8: 2001 Great Dane (48’) Refrigerated Trailer!

On Sale 9/8: 1998 Trailmobile Dry Van Trailer!

On Sale 9/8: 2005 Lufkin Dry Van Trailer!

On Sale 9/8: 1994 Monon Dry Van Trailer!